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Frequently asked questions

How does subscription work?

Our box delivery months are on even calendar months, i.e. February, April, June, August, October, December.

Select a subscription plan and we will deliver you a box around the mid (15th) of the delivery month, with the option of either doorstep delivery or at a convenient location for your pickup.

If you place an order after this date, we will deliver your box if there are boxes still available.

If you have received your box close to the next dispatch and would like to skip the next month so you do not receive your next box too soon, just let us know before the delivery month.

If we are sold out for the month (as stated on our website), your box order will automatically be rolled into the next batch of box deliveries.

Please note that address changes need to be made within the first week of the month to apply to an upcoming box in that month.

With plans as low as $25 per box, save more when you subscribe!

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