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Furganics Drip Chicken Essence for Pets

Furganics Drip Chicken Essence for Pets

Single source ingredient: Chicken

3 x 50ml per sachet

Origin: Taiwan

Developed for cats and dogs who are sick, post-operative, newborn, frail, prenatal and postnatal to enhance immunity and nourish the body. 

Ready-to-serve room temperature chicken essence; to be fed directly or added to wet food without heating. Manufactured with no preservatives nor artificial flavour added in completely sealed packaged, the natural taste of chicken is excellent and pure!

Through their refined dripping method, Furganics chicken essence also contains high quality protein for faster absorption, to strengthen pet's immunity and promote skin and fur health. 

Recommended for pets with poor health, prenatal and postpartum care, post surgery for wound recovery, and to supplement pet's immunity.


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