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How To Cat Proof Your Home - Tips For New Cat Owners

You’re getting a new cat! What should you do before you bring your new cat home? Let's start with the more important thing. Ensuring that your home is safe for your new cat. Some common household items can be harmful to your new cat. Many new cat owners tend to miss this because they’re too excited to have a pet. This is a serious matter because it will affect the health of your beloved cat. Here are some things to take note of when cat proofing your home.

Gates & Doors

Some cats are escape artists and they run out the house when you’re opening your door. A meshed gate can help to prevent this from happening. This is another layer of protection when you open your door. Some cat owners have gates with tiny gaps of 1” to 1.5” inch. Cats are so fluid that they can squeeze through small openings which is why we leave no room for them to even try!

Here's another useful tip. When you open your gate or your main door, do it as slowly as you can. If your cat runs for the door, you can catch it before it runs out.

Some cats are masters at opening doors with handles. You might want to put a child lock or stopper on rooms that you don’t want them to enter.

Cat at Window

Balcony & Windows

We’ve seen many cases of cats falling from high rise apartments or getting stuck on the ledge. This tragedy doesn't have to happen to your cat! They can fall off the window while trying to chase insects or birds. Use a safety net with narrow gaps (1” to 1.5” inch) so that there is no chance your cat would fall out your window.

Cat and Plant


Which plants are poisonous for cats? Some cats love to chew on greens just for the fun of it. Plants that are poisonous for cats include the skin of an aloe vera plant, azaleas, lilies, chrysanthemums, daffodils, tulips, oregano, hibiscus (Rose of Sharon) and tomato plant. If you have these plants, time to give them away to your friend or your neighbour who doesn’t have a cat.

Cat and Sofa


Cats scratch, that’s their nature. They scratch to express their happiness or excitement. Sometimes, they’re just grooming their nails at the expense of your furniture! How do you prevent them from destroying your beautiful furniture? Since they love to scratch, you can provide them with a scratching post or scratching furniture.


There’s an old saying, curiosity kills the cat. Don’t let this happen to your cat! Cats are curious creatures by nature. To a cat, an open toilet bowl looks like a fun swimming pool. Toilet bowl detergents are also toxic chemicals. They also love to shred toilet paper causing a mess. Unless you enjoy cleaning up, keep your toilet rolls from your cat.

Cat in Kitchen


A cat on a hot stove is not funny! Cover up your stove, especially when it’s still hot. Cover up your trash bin. If not, your cat might jump in and make a big mess. To be safe, keep your cat out of your kitchen.

Cat on table

Other Items

Cats can choke if they swallow small items. Keep your small items away from your cats. Items include strings, cords, toothpicks, rubber bands, sewing kits and medicine. If your cat is greedy, it will steal your food if you leave it unattended. Keep your cabinets, dryers and washers closed.

Be careful when using essential oils and items like candles or potpourri. Some of these items in liquid form are toxic for your cat especially if they knock it over onto themselves. Do your research before using any of these items. If you need to use them, don’t let your cats enter the room.

Owning a cat is a wonderful experience. Go get your home ready for your new cat and have an awesome time with your new pet!

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