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Ideas for celebrating your cat’s birthday - Depending on your cat’s personality

Your cat’s birthday is coming up soon, and you’re thinking of ways to celebrate, presents to buy and pamper your kitty on his or her birthday. When a few extra hugs, treats and special meals are just not enough, we have a couple of ideas you both might love.

Depending on your kitty’s character and personality, he or she may or may not be comfortable with a party with other cats or dogs. Remember, your cat might not appreciate something overly exciting though. Here are some activities you can consider.

A Birthday Party

If you’re throwing a birthday pawty for your cat, decorations are a great idea. Throw in some crinkly stuff, balls and strings that cats enjoy! Hang some of them low so that your cat can play with them. Do check if they are safe or cat friendly though, and keep the tiny or dangerous pieces away so no one gets hurt.

Only invite pets your cat is familiar with, no new animals please! Small children should be supervised or familiar with interacting with pets.

birthday party

Pampering Spa Session

If your cat enjoys regular grooming sessions, why not send him or her for a special spa session to indulge in a quiet day of pampering and relaxation with the full works? After all, it is tiring being a cat!

Cat Spa

Professional Photography Session

Here’s something you can do as a pawmily! Celebrate this priceless special memory with your cat by doing some professional supermeowdeling! With beautiful props, you can have any birthday theme you like! With a little research online, you will easily find passionate (and patient!) local pet photographers.

Bella is 6 Image credit @bambam.bella.lola.louie

Adventure Time

Is your indoor cat curious about the outdoors and is always excited to explore new territory? Take kitty out for a picnic by the beach or for a mini adventure at the park!

Make sure you have a cat harness with a leash that fits your cat snugly - some cats are great escape artists and can slip free of their harness. Let your cat wear the harness at home first to get used to it before heading out to explore.

Not all cats ever get used to walking in a harness. A good alternative is to have a pet stroller with the harness and leash strapped on as a safety precaution (in case something suddenly causes your cat to bolt).

Cat on leash Image credit @barley_thecat

Catnip and Box Pawty

Perhaps your cat is more of a homebody and prefers hanging out with your other cats at home? Celebrate your cat’s birthday at home with a catnip and box pawty! Catnip comes in various forms - toys, loose leaves and even bubbles for the ultimate happy hour party!

If your cat has never tried catnip before, try sprinkling just a little bit of loose leaves to see what the response is like. Most cats will sniff, lick, roll and flip around on the floor and eventually zone out. Some cats may turn hyperactive or a little aggressive as they play. The sessions usually last about 10 minutes before the effect wears off.

Catnip Pawty

Cat Birthday Cake

Instead of purchasing a cat cake outside which your cat might not appreciate, why not make a simple birthday cake with some favourite wet food and snacks that you know are probably healthier (who knows what goes into cat cakes amirite)?

Make sure you drain the excess liquid / broth out of the wet food (better to use a pâté type food as it is stickier and holds better), and use a mould or cookie cutter to create the shape of the cake. Layer the top with some awesome wet and dry treats, and stick a candle on top!

Cat Birthday Cake

MāoBox Surprise Gift Box

Last but not least, if you would like a surprise gift box that you can treat both your cat and cat friends, look no further! MāoBox is a great party favour for your cat friends to thank them for celebrating with you!

You can purchase MāoBox for your upcoming cat friends’ birthdays too! No need to worry about getting repeated contents for different birthdays as contents in every edition are never the same.

Bam turns 3

Image credit @bambam.bella.lola.louie

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