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Why do cats love boxes so much?

If you're a cat owner, you've probably noticed your feline friend's obsession with boxes. It's a curious behaviour that begs the question: why do cats love boxes so much?

As it turns out, there are a few reasons behind this feline fascination. Here are some of the most likely explanations:

Safety and Security

Cats are instinctively aware of their vulnerability as prey animals, even though they are also natural predators. Boxes provide a sense of security and shelter for cats, allowing them to hide away from potential threats or just feel safe and cosy. It's also worth noting that cats tend to feel more secure in enclosed spaces where they can keep an eye on their surroundings from a safe distance.

Warmth and Comfort

Cats love warmth and comfort, and boxes happen to provide both. Cardboard boxes in particular are great insulators, meaning they retain heat and can help a cat stay warm and toasty. Plus, the snugness of a box can be comforting for cats, who like to curl up in cosy spots to rest and relax.


Let's not forget that cats are playful creatures, and boxes can be a fun and engaging toy for them. They can jump in and out of the box, paw at it, scratch it, and even use it as a hiding spot during games of hide-and-seek with their owners. Boxes also offer a novel and changing environment for cats, as they can rearrange the contents or move to different parts of the box to explore.


Lastly, it's worth considering that cats have a natural instinct to seek out and explore small, enclosed spaces. This is likely a holdover from their wild ancestors, who would have used tight spaces to hide from predators or to ambush prey. For cats, boxes may simply satisfy this instinctual urge to seek out tight spaces.

So there you have it: the reasons behind cats' love of boxes. Whether it's for safety, warmth, playfulness, or instinctual reasons, there's no denying that boxes hold a special appeal for our feline friends. So next time you get a package in the mail, don't be surprised if your cat tries to claim the box as their own!

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